We've Rebranded to The Core.

Originally, Her Hub’s primary goal was to assist women with finding remote opportunities in creative fields. We did this by taking the hard work out of sourcing legit, new jobs for them daily.

But over the course of the past year, we discovered that there was more that could (and should) be done to support this community. Creating a remote job board was just the tip of the iceberg and we are ready to step into

We asked ourselves these tough questions to guide our rebrand:

  • Sourcing jobs the way we did was a great start, but is our site optimized for an easy and seamless job search?
  • Helping others find jobs is the beginning, but once they find the job how are we helping them secure it?
  • The part-time/independent contractor community is huge in this space, so are we helping them throughout their professional journey and not just in finding work?
  • Our branding/messaging speaks to women and women only. Is our company truly inclusive of the community we aim to serve with this branding/messaging?

After a review of these questions, we came to the realization that a rebrand was essential to truly be the brand we envision. This phase is specifically focused on addressing the concerns outlined above to build a more cohesive space for creatives.


What can you expect from the rebrand?

This rebrand goes beyond updating our website and social media. We have taken this time to specifically implement features and spaces to help creatives at all stages of their professional journey.

Think of us as the LinkedIn for creatives.

Here’s what our rebrand means for you:

Upgraded Job Search Platform

Our job board is now fully optimized for job seekers with an easier-to-use layout. Whether you’re searching on your phone or on a desktop, the new platform is sleek, concise and a much better way to find work.

More Employer Features

Employers can now seamlessly share jobs on our platform AND search through a member directory. This gives you the option to actively or casually search for top talent to join your company.

Community Spaces

We know, “we don’t want another social media platform”. The intention with this rebrand is not to become another social media platform for creatives per se, but instead to allow users to create community spaces for themselves and other creative professionals. With options such as creating a profile, using groups and sharing posts, you can now create a professional community that you can learn from and lean on throughout your journey.

Networking Opportunities

As a creative, your network is your netWORTH! So we’ve made it easier to network by creating virtual events and spaces so that you can flourish in networking.

Ready to start using our new network?